Spam seems to be a feature of modern life.

But it’s not just a pain in the butt – it costs your business real money.

Nucleus Research reported that an average $31,000-per-year employee spends 16 seconds each on 21 spam messages per day.  That works out at $712 per employee each year or about £475 in good old Pounds Sterling.



You can handle spam client side – on your laptop, tablet or phone but it makes much more sense to kill it at source on the server as it arrives.  In most cases some basic precautions are adequate.  For example, you can tell quite a bit by looking up the domain that sent the message.  We check all incoming messages to make sure the sending domain isn’t blacklisted for sending spam.  If it is we kill the message for you there and then to save you the bother of reading it.

But sometimes you might get into a situation were the normal precautions are not enough.  Too much spam gets through.

If you’re getting too much spam it’s not just a case of tightening the spam filters as that often prevents valid emails from getting through – so it’s time to get a bit clever…

We can now offer a sophisticated, adaptive anti-spam solution that is always learning. Adaptive filters are self-learning filters that gets smarter by analyzing the patterns of previously received emails.  THhere are a range of solutions but some companies are also doing some pretty creative thinking around how to stop spam email – so when it comes to billing so you can even get state of the art anti spam services for nothing!

It’s even possible to have an intentionally “honeypot” address that you set up specifically to attract spam so that the anti spam server gets a better feel for what’s spam and what’s ham!

So if you’re getting too much spam why not contact us for more information about how we can help get control of your spam for you.  To save you money – and hassle!

Spam filtering

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