Global geo-politics are affecting IT security more now than they have ever done before.

We’ve seen a more hawkish United States and a more agressive Russian bear.  The situation with Iran and North Korea seems to become more confusing and uncertain each day.

This increased global instability is now everyone’s problem as hacking and cyber attacks cost buttons to nation states.  Recently we’ve seen many more attempts to breach website security.  It’s real now, not just hype to sell security products and services!

Most of the attack attempts we see aren’t headline grabbing or high profile – just annoying.  Just annoying enough to create a bit of drag on growing businesses and economies.  Just as enough tiny red mites can eventually kill a chicken, this low level hacking activity shouldn’t be ignored.

Business owners have a choice.  Ignore the threat and get burned or commit the necessary recources to stay relatively safe.

Most of the time it’s fairly easy for business owners to get their arms around this problem, but when we need a bit of extra help, a bit of advice, or a slightly wider perspective, there are a range of good quality independent security consultants like Performanta providing managed security services

If you’ve got any concerns or security questions, feel free to get in contact with us at Small World Systems to discuss your concerns.


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