What is project management?Association of Project Management logo

Project management involves using a set of skills, techniques and knowledge to help people work together to achieve something.

Typically a project team comes together to make something specific happen within a business.

Managing a project is particularly important in complex, technical situations or where people are unfamiliar with a particular subject area.

Another feature of a project is that it often “runs alongside” the normal day to day operations of a business.

Here’s a great overview from the Association of Project Management – the video is quite useful.


How does this apply to me?

Well, like it or not web, projects are complex.  While the end result is a great looking site that’s easy to use – there are quite a few steps to go through to get to that point.  While some of these steps are simple, for example, writing content for the home page, others can be more complex including quite a few technical options that need to be weighed up and considered.

Occasionally it can provide a bit of focus to make sure we stay focused on what we’re trying to achieve.

Then there’s also the question of communication – another important aspect of project management. It’s crucial to keep everyone up to date and letting them know needs to happen next…

What does GOOD project management look like?

Ironically enough – good project management often looks effortless.  In many ways you hardly know it’s there!  But it is.  Maintaining focus, keeping you up to date.

You can also see it in the slight greying of the temples on our Technical Director.  He’s been through the accreditation process to become a Full Member of the Association of Project Management.  Quite a bit of work just to get MAPM after his name.  But we often find that’s it’s the small things that make the difference!