mTime RecruitTM
for Recruitment Agencies

Managing the timesheets of multiple workers that you have
placed in different companies can be a time consuming and
expensive process. The days of administering a manual
process to ensure all your temps are paid correctly and on
time are gone thanks to mTime Recruit, our automated
timesheet management system.

Developed with the recruitment industry in mind, mTime Recruit
allows workers to submit their timesheets from anywhere with internet access. The system is designed to be accessed via a range of devices, from an office PC to PDAs and mobile phones.

The real benefits of mTime Recruit are:-
  • It saves a huge amount of time as the workers enter their own data. This removes the need for multiple entry and reduces office workload and errors.
  • The information is immediately accessible, because as soon as the worker has entered the timesheet information it is instantly available at your office. No more chasing up faxes or waiting for posted timesheets to arrive.
  • Being web based, it's a totally secure system. There's no danger of lost data or records going astray, and no need to risk breaching confidentiality by keeping voluminous files of paper in the office. The information is validated at the point of entry, and so time cannot be fraudulently added to closed jobs.
  • Because you receive the timesheet information promptly, you have the information you need to invoice your clients, removing potential delays, minimising invoice queries and improving your cash flow.
  • The system is extremely flexible. We can programme it to integrate with your office systems such as your payroll software and you can choose to receive email or text alerts as timesheets are added.
  • A mobile version is available for staff that may not have access to the internet, for instance lorry drivers.
  • It allows you to meet the mandatory requirements on timesheeting by some clients such as the NHS and local authorities.
  • The investment you make in mTime Recruit will give you a fast return. When you calculate the savings made in personnel, phone, fax, postage and other administrative costs it won't be long before the system is saving you money.

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Here's a practical example of how mTime Recruit could help you:-

A small recruitment agency has experienced fast growth over the last two years. Temporary placements have increased from 20 per week to over 400 per week. The sheer volume of paperwork generated by this number of temp workers has meant employing two additional personnel just to ensure workers are paid correctly. The agency is experiencing frequent delays in invoicing clients because of delays in administering timesheet information.

The manager implements mTime Recruit and within weeks is able to revert to the original payroll headcount, saving the cost of two salaries.

  • Candidates feel they are dealing with a highly professional agency and are confident that their pay packets will be correct.
  • Telephone queries regarding timesheets drop by 70%.
  • The company sees immediate savings in their post and fax costs as everything is now done electronically.
  • The consultants within the agency feel in control of their workload and confident about placing candidates.
  • The cost of the investment in the software is recouped in three months and the agency becomes more profitable because its overheads are lower and cash flow has improved.
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