mTime Mobile
Timesheets for Mobile Devices

Imagine your field personnel being able to submit their data in
real time via their mobile phones... they can with mTime™ Mobile – a web based mobile application
package from Small World Systems.

Evolving working practices mean that more and more, key personnel
are based remotely from the office. And when members of staff
are not visiting the office very often, there is a real need to find a way for
them to submit vital timesheet information accurately and efficiently.

mTime™ Mobile is a web based mobile application that means timesheet information can be submitted to the office via a mobile phone or PDA. Being web based, nothing is actually installed on the device. This means that it is easily deployed, and software upgrades can be conveniently handled centrally, without each device being recalled. And if a device gets lost – it's not a problem. Information is stored in a central database so no data will be lost.

The real benefits of mTime Mobile are:-
  • It's web based – so nothing is installed on the device, meaning high levels of convenience and lower implementation costs.
  • No risk of data loss if the device is lost or stolen
  • Do not need to provide staff with a laptop
  • Data is updated in real time – there's no need to create copies or synchronise data. You know who's submitted data at any given point in time.
  • It's very flexible, as the core application will work with different devices including WAP phones, Pocket PCs, Blackberries and Smart phones – so minimising any investment in new devices.
  • It's totally secure – our developers have a proven track record in creating applications with the highest levels of security, and data is held centrally, rather than locally on each device.
  • Management of staff becomes simpler, as staff find it easier to submit information and managers can see where the gaps are.
  • You can improve your company's cash flow by ensuring customers' bills are not held up by missing timesheet information.
  • It improves productivity and accuracy as it removes the need to re-key data from hand written, paper timesheets, and can be integrated straight into your payroll and accounting software.

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So if you want to improve the efficiency of the way timesheets are handled, call Small World Systems on 01295 722845 today for an informal discussion on how mTime™ could help you.

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